Be First Hats

$ 25.00

My name is Ace and I am Native American, Cherokee and a few other tribes, and I parent 4 boys from ages 8 to 17 years of age. My boys and my fiancee are my foundation.  After my older brother Eric passed away in May 2012, I started working on this clothing line.

It was something my brother (who was a black belt) and I were going to start together, since his passing I decided to finish what he and I were going to do together. He (being the black belt and generally having a great eye for talent.) was going to find good fighters and I was going to design the gear they wore.

I am here today trying to finish what was meant to happen anyway. With all that my big brother taught me about the fight world and all of the different aspects of it and with my own knowledge of hand to hand fighting, I am confident that my business will be a success and I will work hard and enjoy the atmosphere.